STREET REQUIEM, a major new Australian work, was conceived by Dr Jonathon Welch AM and written in collaboration with Dr Kathleen McGuire and Andy Payne in memory of all those who have died on the streets of our cities around the world. It is a multi-faith, multi-language and multi-genre work depicting the diversity of urban living. The music leaves listeners moved, inspired and uplifted.

The world premiere was at the Melbourne Recital Centre in June 2014 and many performances have been held since. The US premiere took place to rave reviews in Dallas, Texas.  You can learn more about STREET REQUIEM on their Facebook page.

The west coast premiere will be in the San Francisco bay area in August 2015 on the following dates and locations:

Saturday, August 29th, 7pm
With a VIP Reception 

Sunday, August 30th, 2pm
With a VIP Reception 


  1. Good luck California. I hope that you have as much success and fun as we had in Melbourne. It was an absolute privilege to be able to sing in the original choir that did the Melbourne premier. Thank you to Jonathan Welch, Kathleen McGuire and Andy Payne for this brilliant piece of musical art.
    Anne A.

  2. We go to many concerts in San Francisco, but I can't remember any for which I've awaited more anxiously. Kudos to all involved.